About Savannah Thorpe

What you are about to read on this blog may blow your mind. Throughout Ju


ne 2013, I, Savannah Thorpe, took a class at IUP’s honors college in Turkish Culture in preparation for a month-long tour of Anatolia, or the country now known as Turkey. A country rich with some of the oldest history of human kind, as well as some recent pressing riots throughout the country, Turkey has come to mean so much more to me than I ever realized. Part of the class involved keeping a journal of what we experienced,

thought, and learned throughout all the sites and stops on the trip, and being the English major/photo journalist I am, I went a little crazy with it. I kept all our tickets, business cards, pamphlets, stickers, flowers, receipts, postcards, candy wrappers, and Polaroids (yup — I was that kid who bought a Polaroid camera), as well as did some other picture

and video taking. And I’ll be uploading it all for the next few days, along with some links to some of the places we visited and some footnotes so that my ramblings have some better context. I thoroughly hope you enjoy my documentation of this trip of a lifetime! And if you have any more questions, feel free to email me on my contact page! I’ll be more than happy to talk more in depth about any and everything.

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