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A Quick Addendum to Day 13-B

So that short excerpt that I mentioned? I actually turned it into a full-on monologue with the help of my decorated director friend Morgan Chase. Here it is for your enjoyment and critiquing.    My brother, I know and understand your reservations. Do you really think that I, your captain and most loyal friend, would […]

Day 13-C/ Day 14-A

  The other really cool thing about Patara is that Lycia, more specifically the Bouleuterion of Patara, was the true home of democracy. Athenian democracy was limited to land-owning Athens-born men, but Lycian democracy included many more people. Recently there was been a movement started by an American senator who has since passed away to […]

Day 13-B

  So until around 3 PM, the boat enjoyed a very lazy morning and early afternoon. After once again enjoying a night with a little too much alcohol, we spend the morning writing, eating, swimming, and napping – no obligations or pressures or any kind, no schedule or hiking, just writing and eating and swimming […]

Day 12-D/ 13-A

  “Should we bring all the portraits?” the women probably asked her husband while the children were making a game out of packing up their clothing for the move. “No, I don’t think so,” he probably replied after only half the contemplation necessary. “We still remember all these things like they happened yesterday, plus we […]

Day 12-C

  Pictures   [N.B: I’m not proud of this piece at all. I wish I had more time or could just omit it from the journal/blog all together, but in the spirit of honesty, here you are. As for some context, the nomads from the first day kept a portrait of a 7-year-old girl in […]

Day 12-B

Children and sailors. There were a few cisterns, a few churches built in the “Lesbian” style (i.e. from the island of Lesbos, where they carved rectangles into the walls to make the masonry look more expensive than it was), and a few gorgeous view[s] of the ocean. It was to die for. We then climbed […]

Day 12-A

  05-30-13   Well as if this boat ride couldn’t have gotten any better. After the hike (which, though a fun exercise, was rather intense), we all sat down to a dinner of grilled fish on the deck. See, Dr. and Mr. Goebel’s health and poor joints often prevent them from coming on the really […]

Day 11-B

So today was our first full day on the boat, and so far, it’s been just about perfect. The sun has been shining, the water is crystal clear and blue as the day is long, and Jarret and I are officially “kind of a thing.” Dr. Goebel can add this to her list of [the] […]

Day 11-A

  05-29-13 On the Boat I love and I love the sea and there is no love like the love of the sea for she, oh she, of tantalizing beauty so free, is in and around and under me. The sea, oh she, who sweetly enchants me incorrigibly – to her I am bound, but […]

Day 10-C

  We all had a jolly good time, and around midnight, we decided to start to trek back to the paradise of a hotel that you saw on the first page of today’s entry. This morning, Erin and I frantically moved clothing from our huge checked bags to smaller carry-ons because today, we board the […]