Our Itinerary: We followed it…ish


20 May – 20 June 2013


Day 1 / 20 May Mon / Istanbul – Tekirdag

Arrive at Istanbul at 12:20 pm. and meet at the airport and drive 2 hours to Tekirdag. Arrive to Tekirdag and check-in to hotel. Free time to walk around this beautiful small town. Dinner and overnight Golden Yacht Hotel. (D)





Day 2 / 21 May Tue / Canakkale

Today we will drive through Gallipoli, talk about the wars and drive through Gallipoli. Take the ferry across the Dardanelles and drive to Troia. Visit Troia with one of the archaeologists from the excavation and see also the excavation house and the laboratories. Free time at the site of Troia on your own. Dinner and overnight Tusan Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 3 / 22 May Wed / Assos

Today visit the Troad, first go to Besik Bay and then to the Great Temple of Apollo, the Smintheos. Stop across the island of Tenedos for coffee and free time to walk on the beach. Drive through Alexandria Traos to Assos and visit Assos in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight Nazlihan Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 4 / 23 May Thu / Mount Ida – Bergama

Today we will drive to Mount Ida. We will take small minibuses from Edremit and

visit  the  interior  of  Mount  Ida.  We  will  also  visit  the  recently  excavated  city  of Antandros. Antandros  was  the  ship  building  center  during  and  after  the  Trojan wars. We will continue to the town of Bergama. Check in to the hotel and drive with  our  bus  to  the  town  of  Bergama  for  some  free  time  in  the  local  town  of Bergama. Dinner and overnight Berksoy hotel. (B/L/D)





Day 5 / 24 May Fri / Izmir

Visit to Pergamon, visit the Asclepion and the Acropolis. Drive to Izmir after lunch and visit the archaeological museum of Izmir, ancient Smyrna. Free time in Izmir in the late afternoon. Dinner and overnight Kaya Prestige hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 6 / 25 May Sat / Kusadasi

Today we will drive to Karabel Rock relief, see Hittite  monument and continue to visit the magnificent local towns of Odemis and Birgi. Especially Birgi is a very cute town with its local culture and houses. We will continue to another very beautiful small town of Tire on the way to Kusadasi after visiting these towns. Dinner and overnight Kusadasi Kismet Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 7 / 26 May Sun / Ephesos

Full day visit to Ephesos and environs. Our visit will include: The Artemis Temple, The Museum, The House of Mary and the site of Ephesos. Dinner and overnight at the Kismet Hotel. (B/L/D)


Day 8 / 27 May Mon / Bodrum

Visits to Priene, Miletos and Didyma. Also visit Lake Bafa and Euromos on the way to Bodrum. Arrive to Bodrum. Dinner and overnight Bodrium Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 9 / 28 May Tue / Gocek (Yacht)

Visit the underwater archaeology museum in the morning. Continue to Dalyan for a boat tour to Kaunos ancient city and Iztuzu beach. Late afternoon drive to Gocek and embark our boat in Gocek. Dinner and overnight Gocek bays. (B/L/D)


Day 10 / 29 May Wed / Hamam (Yacht)

Cruise along Gocek’s beautiful bays and coves, enjoying nature at its best. Overnight at Agalimani, one of the most beautiful bays on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, or Hamam where you can see an ancient sunken church and the ruins of Cleopatra’s sunken baths. (B/L/D)


Day 11 / 30 May Thu / Kaya – Gemiler Island (Gulet)

Cruise to Sarnic Bay. Optional walk to the abandoned Greek mountain village of Kayakoy. Return to Gemiler Island to anchor for the night. (B/L/D)


Day 12 / 31 May Fri / Xanthos – Patara / Kalkan (Gulet)

Early morning cruise to Kalkan, a lovely, small coastal village. Stop for breakfast on the way to Firnaz. Drive to Xanthos, an ancient capital of Lycia, then Patara, where St. Nicholas was born. Relax and enjoy the beautiful beach. Overnight at Kalkan Marina or Yesilkoy harbor. (B/L/D)


Day 13 / 01 June Sat / Kas (Gulet)

Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Firnaz bay and cruise to Kas, ancient Antiphellos. Visit the picturesque town of Kas in the afternoon. Overnight Kas marina. (B/L/D)


Day 14 / 02 June Sun / Kekova (Gulet)

Cruise to Aperlae for snorkeling over the sunken city. Continue to Kekova Bay. Visit the Lycian necropolis at Theimiussa and ancient Simena, overlooking the bay and situated below the ramparts of a Roman castle which houses a small theatre cut into rocks. Overnight in Kekova Bay. (B/L/D)


Day 15 / 03 June Mon / Kekova – Myra / Finike (Gulet)

Cruise along Kekova Island and see the sunken city as well as the ruins on the island. Continue to Cayagzi, the ancient city of Andriake. Visit also Myra, where outstanding examples of Lycian funeral architecture can be seen. Visit the church of St. Nicholas, who was once bishop of Myra, in the middle of the town. Overnight at Finike Marina. (B/L/D)


Day 16 / 04 June Tue / Arykanda – Elmali

Disembark after breakfast and drive to the ancient site of Arykanda. Lunch at the trout farm. Visit the Bronze age plain of Elmali (Semahoyuk – Karats). Dinner  at a local restaurant and overnight in the local town of Elmali Arzu Hotel . You can walk the town (B/L/D)



Day 17 / 05 June Wed / Antalya

Today we will drive to Termessos ancient city and National park. Continue to Antalya. Visit the museum in the afternoon and free time in Antalya. Dinner and overnight Grida City Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 18 / 06 June Thu / Antalya

Today we will visit the great towns of Perge and Aspendos. Free time in Antalya in the afternoon. Dinner at Umit’s house and overnight Grida City Hotel. (B/L/D)


Day 19 / 07 June Fri / Egirdir

Today we will continue our visit along the lake District towards Sagalassos. We will first have a break at the capital town of the lake district, Burdur, to visit the museum and explore the town. Continue to Sagalassos and visit Sagalassos. We will drive to Egirdir Lake for dinner and overnight at Mavi Gol Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 20 / 08 June Sat / Konya

Today we will drive to Beysehir, the biggest Lake of the district and visit the Kubadabat Palace, once the summer palace of the Hittites and later of Seljuk Turks. We will drive from the southern shores of the lake and see the palace and the villages and continue to Beysehir to see the Esrefogullari Mosque and Eflatunpinar rock monument. Drive to Konya for dinner and overnight at Ozkaymak Park Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 21 / 09 June Sun / Cappadocia

Today we will visit Catalhoyuk and drive to Cappadocia. Visit Kaymakli underground city. Dinner and overnight Alfina Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 22 / 10 June Mon / Cappadocia

Optional hot air balloon trip over Cappadocia early in the morning with sunrise.


Drive to Mustafapasa, ancient Sinasos for lunch in an old Greek House and talk about the exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1924. The Anatolian Greeks (who were mainly the descendants of the old Anatolian peoples) had to leave after the first world war. We will be able to see many houses from this period still in good preservation.


We will visit the Goreme Open Air Museum, and will have a valley walk in Red Valley. We will have time for some local crafts shopping (the only shopping time in the tour) in the late afternoon. Dinner at a local folk dances place and overnight Alfina cave Hotel. (B/L/D)


Day 23 / 11 June Tue / Hattusa

Drive to Hattusa in the morning. Visit Yazilikaya at noon when the sun is in the perfect location to observe the reliefs and Hattusa. Free time in the village of Bogazkoy. Dinner & overnight Bogazkoy (Hattusa) at Asikoglu Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 24 / 12 June Wed / Amasya

Today we will visit Alacahoyuk and drive to Corum and visit the museum. Continue to Amasya. See the Ferhat water channel on the way which was opened by a desperate Lover, Ferhat, to prove his love to Shirin, an ancient watercourse hollowed out of the rock face of the mountain. Free time in Amasya. Dinner and overnight Amasya Emin Efendi Konaklari Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 25 / 13 June Thu / Sinop

Visit Amasya. (Not to be confused with AmasRa), the ancient city of Amaseia Seton and Yeşiırmak (The Green river) ancient River Iris. Strabo, the renowned Geographer of the Roman world was born in this city. We will visit the Royal Tombs, Mosque of Beyazit the II nd,  Gök and Yıldız Hatun Medrese, the latter, better known as the “Tımarhane” or Insane Asylum. We will drive to Samsun and on to Sinop following the Black Sea Coast. Arrive to Sinop. Dinner and overnight Zinos Hotel. (B/L/D)



Day 26 / 14 June Fri / Safranbolu

Visit to Sinop, the ancient city of Sinope, founded at 7th century B.C. where Diogenes the Cynic was born. He led an exceedingly simple life, living in a tube within the sanctuary of The Metroon in Athens. Visit the defense walls of ancient Sinope, Aladdin mosque and The Palace Church in Balatlar. Drive to Kastamonu  in the afternoon visiting Mosque of Mahmut Bey on the way. This is a wooden mosque built in 1366, one of the only 4 wooden mosques left in Turkey from the pre-Ottoman period. Continue to Safranbolu. Dinner and overnight at Ebrulu Konak in Safranbolu. (B/L/D)



Day 27 / 15 June Sat / Ankara

Visit to Safranbolu, famous for her traditional Ottoman houses. The oldest dated of these houses was built in 1787. Safranbolu offers the best surviving showcase of Traditional Turkish civil architecture. After lunch in the town, we will visit a nearby “Yörük Village”, 14 miles away, yet nearly unknown by the tourists. Drive to Ankara for dinner at a local restaurant and overnight Neva Palas Hotel. (B/L/D)





Day 28 / 16 June Sun / Ankara

Day trip to Gordion from Ankara. Visit Gordion and the Museum. Drive back to Ankara and visit the Anatolian Civilizations museum in the afternoon. Dinner at a local restaurant and overnight Neva Palas Hotel. (B/L/D)


Day 29 / 17 June Mon / Ankara – Istanbul

Visit METU in the morning and free time in Ankara to walk around. We will be transferred to the bus station to take the evening bus. Dinner on your own and overnight bus drive to Istanbul.  (The train will still be out of service, unfortunately>)(B/L)


Day 30 / 18 June Tue / Istanbul

Arrive to early in the morning to Haydarpasa train station that was built during the Ottoman period and take the ferry to the European side.  Full day classical visit of Istanbul including the Hippodrome, The Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace.  We will walk to the Grand Bazaar in the afternoon. Dinner on your own and overnight Peak Hotel. (B/L)



Day 31 / 19 June Wed / Istanbul

Visit St. Sophia and the Underground Cistern. Free time on your own in the morning. We will take a 2 hrs boat ride along the Bosphorus.  Farewell dinner and overnight Peak Hotel. (B/L/D)


Day 32 / 20 June Thu / Departure

Transfer to the airport for flight back home at 01:55 Pm. (B)

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