Day 1-A

Day 1-A

Today, we begin our adventure. We’re all really excited and full of energy, but I’m a little nervous, too. I mean, I think I packed everything except clothespins and tweezers (do people shave and tweeze? I guess I’ll find out soon), so I should be OK. I don’t even think I over packed at all. My bag weighed in at like 40 lbs, and the max was 50. So far so good, right? Here’s a short list of reasons I’m scared/nervous/apprehensive:
-I speak approximately 0 Turkish
-I have no idea what/how they eat
-I’ll have like, no contact with the people at home
-my skin tone is a little odd and natives may try to flirt with me
-we’ll be moving a lot and I’m bad with organization
-lady problems that may occur while we’re on the boat
-I don’t remember all the history and etiquette from class and I don’t want to look like an idiot
-a month. a whole month.

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