Day 1-B

Day 1-B

I think that covers all my issues. my friends, however, continue to reassure me that everything will be fine, and that as long as I don’t wander off by myself too much, I’ll have no reason to worry at all. I wish I had a pencil. I know they smudge, but I had ideas for my class schedules for the next few years while I’m at college and wanted to see how they’d look. maybe I’ll ask a flight attendant. Oh! Speaking of awesome ideas, I know what I wand to write about for my final paper. For Core Unit D**, Dr. Baumler had us read Orhan Pamuk’s memoir entitled Istanbul, which was a seemingly hazy, disorganized account of his memories and experiences in and with the city at various stages of his and its life. As much of a nightmare as that class turned out to be, I really loved that book. Pamuk spends a lot of time talking about how the city appears different to natives and visitors, so I’m going to compare and contrast how the two of us view the city, the people, and the atmosphere in total. I think that’ll make for a great paper, especially since we’ll both have photos as a large part of our different narratives. anyhow, our flight has been delayed really badly because of weather issues that I don’t think we’ll face once we’re in Turkey. Last I checked, the weather is supposed to be to die for. I mean sunny and 75 for much of the time. That’s another thing: unit conversions. And the time difference. And pick-pockets. I should stop being worried and just enjoy the trip. Perhaps I will once we get there. I think the other part of the reason I’m slightly worried is that I know my boyfriend will get my “we’re breaking up” letter tomorrow. Not that he can really get in touch with me for a month, but I still feel kinda bad. Not that bad because this breakup is really necessary, bit a little bad because I know it’ll hurt him and he won’t be able to contact me about it at all. Whatever. I’m not real worried about that. More than anything I want to see the people, the marketplaces, the food, the dress, the music, all that culture stuff that no book will ever properly get across. I hope my writing, photos, and various artifacts will get close, but my hopes are kinda low, if I’m being totally honest here. Chances are for right now that I’m gonna either read, write, watch a movie (the little personal monitors with 200 movies, shows, and CDs, and games rocks) or doodle, then fall asleep on Sean until they wake us up for breakfast.

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