Day 1-C

Day 1-C

Idea for novella #4698

A girl age 18 has brought her boyfriend home from college for spring break. Having already spent time with her parents and younger sister, he seems to fit in with the family quite well. While at their home, her grandmother needs to be taken to a Dr. appt, and she and her parents already had plans to do something that can’t change. He, having earned enough trust, offers to take her grandmother, for he has met her once before and really wants to earn their respect and affection. On the designated day, the two of them load into his RAV4 without driving instructions, for the grandmother knows where they’re going — or so she claims. she winds up directing the boy in some wild way nowhere near where they need to wind up. the two bond as they drive off into nowhere, discussing life, love, death, sex, changing times, moral ideals, and more. The grandmother and boyfriend duo encounter hitchhikers, police officers, robbers, street evangelists, [and] unruly teenagers as well, and they scramble for food and shelter on their accidental multi-day excursion.

About Him
Name: Cosby McPhil
marketing major
adaptable, raised by straight-edge pastor uncle
virgin, in want of true love, hopes to find it in GF but unsure
has experimented on the wild side minimally
usually fairly quiet, speaks his mind truthfully and liberally when prompted
fairly conservative views, bible-based, save for creationism and and some other big thing (women’s roles maybe?)
cautions, aware, borderline timid of new situations or people, very protective and defensive of self, grandma, stuff, and beliefs
generally calm and distant, resorts to volume when upset

About Her
Name: Ethel Jenkins
retired widowed housewife
feisty, foul-mouthed, filterless despite sweet old lady look
was once a wild whore, partier, and rebel, thoug[h] the definitions of such things has changed dramatically
speaks a lot, spinning wild tales about her life, times, experiences, and health, but only barely credible
mostly liberal views, though staunch creationist
lives by “old standards” — overtrusting, extremely giving, willing to talk, unafraid to try new things
uncomfortable with silence, questioning her own values as she is likely nearing death

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