Day 1-D/ Day 2-A

Day 1-D/ Day 2-A

I feel like if I were gonna miss you,
it would be now.
There’s a couple in front of me
holding each other like we used to,
him kissing her forehead like you used to,
the two of them gazing into the sorbet sky
dreaming the same dreams of

remember when we used to do that?
our dreams drifted apart, one now in
Pittsburgh and the other in Istanbul —
and I don’t miss you at all.
I think if you were here, you’d distract me
from the rolling mountains and
crystal rivers and
writing this poem.
I’m glad they’re happy and I hope you are —
I couldn’t be happier or more
at peace.
I thought I would miss you but I don’t.
Istanbul has caught me in his arm, [and]
I don’t even care if you
miss me or


We made it to Turkey safe and sound! Just as I predicted, I fell asleep all over Sean just long enough that I could navigate through the airport. Of course, the whole thing a bunch of the guys did was buy alcohol at Duty Free because they felt all cool being 18 and buying vodka. whatever. On the bus ride to Tekirdag most of us slept really hard even though we tried as best we could to stay awake. Here’s a few things I noticed in the few minutes I wasn’t sleeping:
-at first glance, it sort of looks just like the US. There’s roads, cars, billboards, wheat fields, kids riding bikes, all the stuff that people just do regardless or country or culture
-as Pamuk noted in his book, the mix of old and new infrastructure is almost hilarious. there would be a brand new Ford dealership next to crumbling, half-painted apartment buildings, and no one seemed to mind.

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