Day 2-B

Day 2-B

Day 2-B
-The women, on the billboards, while slim and sultry, were mostly covered in terms of chest and sexual stuff
-As Tolga (our tour guide on the bus) told us, Istanbul is divided into different “zones” for industry, business, and living. I think we drove through the auto and clothing zones, which were well-seasoned with crumbling apartment buildings
-The water looks gorgeous. I think a bunch of us are going down after dinner
-there are mangy dogs and cats everywhere, as per Pamuk’s book
-the natives do what they can to communicate with us…mostly they laugh
-I still don’t know whether or not the women shave their legs because so far, they all have worn pants
-their food is extremely rich and flavorful
-they really discourage smoking, even though everyone still does it
Our waiter at the local family-owned restaurant was such a doll. His wife and children served us this amazing lentil soup, beef/lamb sausage, and cheese & ice cream dessert. I sat with Morgan, Saverio, and Sean, who wanted nothing more in the world than to get a glass of wine and say “thank you” in Turkish. Hannah Simon (my roommate – one of them – the other is Erin) brought along a Turkish phrase book for basic conversations, and on the cover, there were two “stereotypical” cartoon Turkish men in turbans. Our waiter spoke almost no English, so he took the book and held it next to himself as be pointed back and forth and shook his head in disappointed shock that the cartoon was how we thought men looked – he was just a dark man in jeans and a polo. Later, we asked for his autograph because he was so kind and patient with us. ‘Twas a blast – and the food was extremely rich and flavorful. I think maybe Miles and I will just elope and stay in Turkey.
Left: Saverio & Morgan struggling to say “thank you” to our waiter at dinner
Right: Our hotel

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