Day 2-C/ Day 3-A


So after dinner, we went walking around downtown and ran into a group of early-teen boys and girls who wanted to take pictures with us. Their English was very poor, but they asked us where we were from and if they could be our friends on facebook. We played with their skateboard (that’s what that dreadfully dark picture is from), took more photos with me and Miles specifically (I’m not sure they’d met a lot of black people before), shook our hands and left. 

[N.B: There are now a couple of reasons why we think Miles was stopped and given so much attention, for although I don’t mention it much after this, people came up to us asking for pictures with him in almost every town we went to. One option was simply that he was black. The other more likely, though, was that he looks very similar to a soccer player from the ivory coast named Drogba.]


It’s barely noon of day two and it’s already been an adventure. A lot of us are still trying to adjust to the 7-hour time difference, but I’m doing OK. We ate a simple continental breakfast at 7:30 and checked out of the hotel around…

[here, I meant to write about the small but well-done archaeological museum there in Tekirdag, but ran out of time because of the entry that was to come next that day. Instead of writing, I’d like to offer a photo from the museum.]


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