Day 3-D


Reasons Homer May Not Have Been Lying

-detail in final book of landscape is extremely accurate

-area values horses highly (hence Trojan Horse makes sense)

-Troy was […] very well protected by multiple complex walls specially designed to accommodate earthquakes without collapsing

-given the locations of the sea and city structures, the methods Homer used to describe entering and docking make sense, except for one wall he wrote about where scientific studies have shown was unusable swamp

-Schlimann [the German pseudo-archaeologist who really jacked up the excavation of the city, for he didn’t realize there were 11 layers of it built one on top of the other] probably destroyed essential evidence because he believed the treasure was in Troy 1 (the first, unimportant buildings of Troy) whereas Homeric Troy was Troy 6, which had the best infrastructure but few objects because of poor archaeological techniques, as they knew little about leveled and stratus excavations. 


Us in the replica Trojan Horse


Us with the head archaeologist of Troy…that was a huge honor

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