Day 5-A

Day 5-A


Last night, we stayed in a sea-side hotel in the ancient town of Assos, a mountainous peninsula home to much Greek life initially and Byzantine action later after the split between the Roman Empire. Because of the beautiful location overlooking the sea and the high activity level in the agora anyway, the town became a center of philosophic discussion and pondering. Aristotle himself, and later Plato, frequented the town to lead debates and provoke thought. And we got to walk through the agora, stoas, temples, and theaters where he actually walked like a few thousand years ago. It’s peculiar to think that I was walking along the same roads, sitting in the same seats, and reflecting in one of the same temples as ancient Greek thinkers, merchants, leaders, and more. We returned to the hotel for dinner, an event soon to become the grounds for complaining about everything. From the head to the length of time to the weeds to the bugs to the price of alcohol to the water pressure in the showers, everything was up for complaining. And not only did I disagree with almost everything they said, their selfish discussions and fussing made me think that they were under an impression that Turkey came to exist solely for their pleasure and enjoyment. And that thought distressed and disturbed me. How selfish could we have been? What were we really expecting out of this?

[caption: Turkish coke label]

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