Day 5-C/ Day 6-A


I cannot describe the breeze over Mount Ida in any conventional way, for it was no ordinary or mediocre breeze. It wasn’t felt – it was imbibed. Both sweet and harsh, both fresh and foreign, this breeze was one of strong assurance and affirmation. It wasn’t a comforting breeze, nor was it disconcerting – rather, it was awakening. Not quite jolting, but its coolness, imbued with a little sharpness, caught attention with urgency, but not panic. It was bright and fragrant, too, but too much of it would puncture the lungs or burn the nose. It gave one goose bumps of self-awareness and yet some one-ness with another intangible force.


Pergamon and the Asklepion

Once the capital of Rome’s provinces in Asia Minor, Pergamon serves as a center of worship (specifically Zeus and Athena), sculpture, and knowledge held in the library (which has not been found so far through excavations). The empire later moved its capital to Ephesus, and the city began to fall. 

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