Day 6-C




The aforementioned library was one of its biggest draws, but neither the books nor the building can be found. The books, we know, all burned in the fire in Alexandria, for Marc Antony gave the entire library to Cleopatra as a birthday present. Initially, all was written on papyrus, but in time the Egyptians stopped sending it. Thus, they began to write on parchment, or dried lamb skin. The library held all kinds of works and knowledge from stories to history to medicine to philosophy to much more. Often times, authors, scholars, sculptors, important politicians, and more would visit the city to both teach and learn. Many such visitors were from Egypt, so as a sign of acceptance and goodwill, an Egyptian temple was built so they could worship as well.

[As noted on the picture itself, the print of Pergamon is on the actual kind of parchment that the books in the library would have been written on]

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