Day 6-E/ Day 7-A



Pergamon Then and Now

I visited the temple

Of Athena at Pergamon.

I pushed and shoved

Through bustling streets of

Scholars and artists

In a certain and determined

Quest for her

Divine wisdom.

As I stood on the stairs

And gazed upon the

Marble town and

Jovial people and rolling fields,

I knew She was god.

I visited the temple of
Athena at Pergamon.

I gingerly wove through

A swarm of suncreened

Sight-seers and school

Children in patient

but anxious wait of the

perfect photo for my hournal.

As I stood on the stairs

and gazed upon the

ancient ruins and

curious learners of all ages

and sprawling towns and fields,

I knew He was God.



Last night we spent in the port city of Izmir. Full of life and gregarious people and tourists, the city took on a vibrant night-life that we went out and explored after dinner (which, thank God, wasn’t meatballs and rice for like literally the 9th or 10th time in a row). Tolga took a large group of us down to the water front (which I mistakenly thought was a beach so I spend the remainder of the night I’m about to describe in a swimsuit under my sundress) and dropped us off with his blessing and loose directions back to the hotel. I broke off with a pack consisting of Adam, Sarah, Joellen, Ashley, Jarret, Hannah Maia, Billie, and Justin. We began with some misguided meandering before we decided to hunt for cigars and a hookah bar. Although we passed a number of hopping bars and outdoor restaurants, there was no hookah bar to be found. Jarret and Adam shared a cigar, and the group decided to return to the hotel and drink either the alcohol we’d smuggled in or mixed drinks from the bar. Jarret and Adam went to drink beer in their room, and Billie and the girls stayed at the bar. 

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