Day 7-B


Unfortunately, the drinks were made with very cheap alcohol, so no one really liked them. Adam and Jarret helped us choke down the drinks, Sarah went to bed, and the remaining seven of us elected to go to the bar/night club across the street from the hotel. All sufficiently buzzed, we traversed into the smoky, dimly-lit bar. We got a table towards the front, where a 50-year-old DJ was spinning both Turkish and US tunes. Jarret and Adam ordered beers, everyone else ordered tea, and I sat there scratching my neck and chest in utter bewilderment and sensory overload. We also noticed these young, fairly attractive, scantily clad women who kept introducing themselves to people all over. Initially we weren’t sure who they were or what they were doing, but it soon became apparent that they were prostitutes. Interestingly enough, though, only like one of the six or eight women had her boobs exposed – even the Turkish prostitutes are covered. One by one, the women came over to us about one per minute and shook our hands and said “Merhaba,” which mean hello. After the fourth one, we decided that we’d seen enough and headed out. We took a walk around the block to laugh our asses off and clear our heads before finding Miles and Saverio to listen to our hysterical mishap. Theirs, though, turned out to be worse. They and Morgan accidentally wound up in a brothel where the owner scammed Morgan and charged 900 Lyra to his debit card. This morning we had plans of going to see a Hittite monument, but elected to stay and roam about Izmir for 2 extra hours for two main reasons: the monument was going to entail a 20-minute hike up a steep hill, and Tolga and Morgan needed time to file a police report against the anonymous scammer. Unfortunately, the process of indicting the man would have been a multi-week affair, but the extra time allowed Robin, Justin, Ashley, Jarret, and [me] to amble into an utterly disorganized but extremely comprehensive used bookstore with a random amalgam of books in around 6

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