Day 7-E/ Day 8-A



My wonderful drunken thoughts for the evening. So imagine a goddess – no, that’s a lie, she’ll start out as a mortal – born to a woman who fell out of love with her husband (reason? Not sure yet. Obsession with something, her own overly-critical attitude towards everything, I dunno. I’ll work on it when I’m a little less dizzy). Some god (research when sober) curses the baby girl, saying that she will win the love of any man she pleases, but she will always be dissatisfied for some reason. Though she can get whatever man she wants, none of them are “perfect” for her. I want to expand this into a full short story at some point with this premise.


Today was…long. Just maybe 3 hours too long. It was fun and interesting, but I was exhausted and achy and dehydrated (maybe a tad hungover), so it was hard for me to focus and appreciate everything. The most interesting point of the day was the visit to St. John’s basilica. Morgan, Nick, 

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