Day 8-D/ Day 9-A


All those photos are in lieu of my absent attention because sleep deprivation and such. Anyhow, after a sinner and dreadfully cold pressure-lacking shower, Billie, Jarret, and I just sat by the ocean and talked about life and love and other insecurities. We lost track of time and wound up inside around 12:30 for a 6:30 wake-up call, but it was all okay. Ya know, Dr. Goebel keeps talking about the time she took this trop two years ago, and two of her students fell in love on the gullet we are going to take around the bay of Turkey and are now married. I think she’s secretly hoping for that again – we’ll see 😉


Despite my lack of sleep once again, today was quite an improvement from yesterday. I felt 6 times better and more attentive. Perhaps because there was a breeze today, perhaps because it was a less hectic of a schedule, or perhaps because Goebel came us us today. Who knows? Anyhow, we started at Prienne, a very cool “small town” of ancient Greek and Hellenistic times. Honestly, though I was feeling better, I wasn’t that awake for this stop. We were like the only people there, though, which made for a very peaceful outing. Most exciting was the Bouleuterion, a smaller theater where town meetings or announcements were made, for that building was best preserved. Also fun fact, everyone in the town owned equal amounts of land so that everyone was on the same playing field. 

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