Day 9-C / Day 10-A


The last place we visited had the saddest story. In Didyma, a multi-hundred year effort to construct a temple to the Greek gods stands half-finished, despite the millions of modern dollars and donors that went towards it. When the ornate marble colossus was 800 years into the process of being built, Christianity took Europe by storm, and the need for a pagan temple disappeared. Work on the temple halted suddenly, leaving a half-baked beauty reaching up extremely high and decorated with painstaking precision and pride. Apparently, there was also a famous oracle there (not as famous as Delphi’s) who gave good advice about travel, war, and family matters, Tonight, we’re in a gorgeous resort with a pool, bar, spa, rain shower, and waiters who think I look like Halle Berry. Tomorrow we board the boat – woohoo!Image

[this kind of detail adorned the entire half-finished temple, but each column had a different pattern — every one of hundreds was unique. It was insane]


Last night in the town of Bodrum turned out to be quite a fun evening. After a wonderful buffet dinner, most of us took an hour and a half to journal or do laundry or whatever, then Tolga took a group of 12 or 14 of us through the small town/ marketplace to a bar of our choice. It was a fun, vibrant town with lots of shoppes and energy, even though it was a Monday night. We passed a lot of clothing, shoe, and jewelry shoppes, as well as loud bars blasting bad techno music and family restaurants with live soft Mediterranean music. I fell into a few wild coughing fits and almost completely lost my voice for the night, so Joellen and the music majors all put me on vocal arrest – and it sucked. We finally wound up at an outdoor establishment on the waterfront directly across the street from the two feuding loud American dance bars (that last detail removed a lot of the romance from a night that should have been


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