Day 12-A





Well as if this boat ride couldn’t have gotten any better. After the hike (which, though a fun exercise, was rather intense), we all sat down to a dinner of grilled fish on the deck. See, Dr. and Mr. Goebel’s health and poor joints often prevent them from coming on the really long, steep hikes with us. So while we were gone for three hours, the two of them sat on the boat and drank whatever they asked the cute young boat crew to prepare for them. Then at dinner, the Goebels treated the table to two bottles of wine, one red and one white. Long story short, the lack of food and water in our systems made the alcohol go to our heads much more quickly than we anticipated. The night got more and more jovial from there. After dinner, which was made difficult by the extreme winds, nearly everyone retired to the cabins to sleep off the exhaustion and wine. Only the Goebels, Umit, Jarret, and I remained while Dr. Goebel chased her two glasses of wine with a vodka & tonic, we discussed literature and military history, my and Jarret’s favorite topics of discussion, respectively. Let me tell you, it was fascinating, and I have a list of books I need to acquire. Once the Goebels decided to go to bed and Umit wanted time to sing and smoke, Jarret and I made ourselves comfortable on the outdoor mattresses with a blanket, two glasses of rose wine, and a cloudless starry sky above us. And for a few hours we sipped wine and star gazed and discussed history and art and love and life and the trip and our classmates and the future of us. And that’s how we accidentally fell asleep under the starts, holding each other gently and keeping each other warm against the pervading winds. The sun woke us up around 6 AM, so there we sat, sharing a blanket, as we rode a boat moving along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, watching the sun rise over the mountains. It was one of those moments that couldn’t be done justice without sounding like a $3 romance novel at Wal-Mart, but it was precious and romantic and perfect. The winds had created some fairly tempestuous conditions during the night, thus causing the boat to rock and sway pretty heavily. All of us felt it in our stomachs but were too tired or hungry to give in. Jarret and I retreated to our respective rooms where we napped until breakfast. Robin got a little seasick because of all the motion, but we all ventured onto our first hike of the day. We climbed up the mountain of St. Nicholas, the Russian patron saint of 

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