Day 12-D/ 13-A



“Should we bring all the portraits?” the women probably asked her husband while the children were making a game out of packing up their clothing for the move.

“No, I don’t think so,” he probably replied after only half the contemplation necessary. “We still remember all these things like they happened yesterday, plus we will be back soon and we don’t have much room left with all the children’s supplies and cooking utensils. Just leave them on the walls.”

So she did. And that’s where they are 80 years later.

Despite my wife’s protests, I refuse to let that be me


[the rest of this vignette would be about the man’s refusal to leave his daughter’s portrait behind, no matter where they moved or how little room there was in their car because that physical memory is too important to him. Like I said, it needs some significant work.]

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