Day 13-C/ Day 14-A



The other really cool thing about Patara is that Lycia, more specifically the Bouleuterion of Patara, was the true home of democracy. Athenian democracy was limited to land-owning Athens-born men, but Lycian democracy included many more people. Recently there was been a movement started by an American senator who has since passed away to bring more attention to Lycian democracy – the true, original form. After that visit, we went to a white sand beach to play in the water and relax and watch the sunset over the ocean. From there we took the vans back to the bay and loaded back on the boat, where Joellen gave me the #realtalk #weneedtotalkaboutAmandaBynes spiel. Om essence, she wanted to make sure that both Jarret and I were bring smart about our study abroad romance, considering we both recently got out of relationships. And while it was a good point she raised, Jarret and I had discussed this very gently, gingerly, and pragmatically. I think we’ve got a good shot. We do a lot of relaxing on the beach and discussing art and history – it’s basically perfect.




On exotic fruit


More times than I can remember, authors of fiction and poetry compare the novelty and freshness of a new experience of the sense to the taste of some “sweet exotic fruit.” And while cliché, it seems to appropriately express the wonder of natural succulence never before tasted or felt. I wonder, though, if any of those writers have ever experienced such a sensation. I wonder that they know the true sensation they revive when they make that simile. For I have bitten into that exotic, forbidden fruit. It was small, perhaps the size of a large walnut, and peachy in appearance, but maybe a little deeper in its orange hue. It was sweeter than a plain peach, though, and it held more juice than a fist-sized orange. It was tangy yet subdued, both sweet and tart.

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