Day 14-D/ Day 15-A



 Rules, and how to make a difference in the world. Towards the end of the fun-filled night, she got a call from her son, who had been a part of the protests and just gotten word from the doctor that he’d broken his arm in two places. And she started crying into Saverio’s arms the most torn, uncertain tears ever. He was doing everything she’d wanted him to – he and his girlfriend were getting their hands dirty and making a serious difference. But at the same time, that was her boy, and he was hurt by some very corrupt police officers and there was nothing she could do to make it better. We called it a night shortly after that and a very drunk rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and she took a water taxi back home around 7:30 this morning. As best as we could in our drunken stupor, Jarret and I talked logistics and took a short nap before once again calling asleep cuddled up under the stars.




So then today, after another lovely breakfast, we went on a walk though some unexcavated Lycian ruins of a small town famous for its purple dyes. According to Herodotus and maybe Homer, too, the shells that had to be crushed to make the dye smelled so bad and all the people smelled so bad that visitors had trouble adjusting and the citizens could marry only each other – no one else could stand the stench. It was an easy leisurely walk this fine Sunday morning. Then after a large lunch and long nap, we stopped in a tiny harbor town to fill up on water and enjoy a few hours of free roaming. Jarret and I invested in some soap and loofahs, for the boat lacks both. And then the rest of the night should be relaxation and free time 🙂

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