Day 18-A





Leaving Termessos


[N. B: Another poem that didn’t do quite what I wanted it to do. But here you are, once again.]


I wanted one thing –

Call it hubris or pride or

Even selfishness if you’d like,

But I wanted my statue in

the Herorum along with the

other founders of Termessos.

My muscles weren’t much stronger,

Nor was my heart so pure, but

My mind

                Oh, my beloved, sharp-witted intellect

Could match or even surpass theirs.

I am not as boastful as you may think –

Just aware of the power of my knowledge and wisdom.


I wanted one thing –

Call it superstition or luck or

Even stupid blind faith if you’d like,

But I needed Athena’s blessing

To go forth on an adventure to

Prove that I belonged in the Herorum.

I took my three white dice in hand

And there sat before the

City wall on which the

Oracle wrote her

Prophetic couplets.


Knowledge, you see, is knowing

You belong in the Herorum.

Wisdom, though, is seeking

Athena’s approval first.


I wanted one thing –

Call it madness or obsession or

Even insanity of such

                Cosmic and unfathomable degrees

                That even Asklepiod, with all

                His knowledge and connections

                Could not quell this burning

                Fire in my crazy eyes,

But I had to roll the right numbers for Athena’s

Blessing on my hourney.

I held the cool dice in my hand and

                Shook shook shook


                Blew blew blew

And they reached my fingertips and begged

                Let us out, let us tell your future –

But they weren’t ready –

                But would they ever be?

                Would postponing their release improve my fate?

I shook shook shook again and

                Breathed deep and

                Once again couldn’t do it.

And unexpectedly they fell out of my hands –

                And Athena told me not to go.

So this is my goodbye letter –

May this hemlock convince my mind that

My endeavor was valiant. 

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