Day 18-B



So yeah, obviously we visited Termessos today, and once again, the hike and view of the mountains was six times better than the ruins themselves. Nothing particularly phenomenal in the ruins themselves besides some intricate sarcophagi, but the mist over the mountains was breathtaking. Then after a simple but delicious lunch, we made our way to the hotel at Antalya, where’ we’ll be for two nights. We figured out the room assignments and were then given nearly three hours to roam the city before heading to Umit’s home at 7PM. Jarret spiked a really bad fever, so while he slept, Morgan, Saverio, and I ambled around and landed at a small coffee house where we chatted and sipped very fine cups of java. We ambled a little more and then came back to the hotel to refresh for the dinner party at Umit’s. Since Tolga, too, is a resident of Antalya, we got the chance to meet his wife, who is 5 months pregnant with their first child, a baby girl. All us kids were really responsible about the drinking and worked consciously to be good house guests and representatives. And I think we did well; we ate heartily and talked jovially with each other and the adults, who, as it turns out, got much more intoxicated than we did. Gul, Umit’s very pretty energetic wife, did a lot of carefree, unreserved dancing, Umit sang a lot, and the evening grew louder and more jovial from there. I’m a dreadful lightweight so I quickly felt the one glass of wine I’d had – and the second one I’d smoothly spilled on myself while trying to perform a traditional Turkish toast which I had heretofore pulled off without a problem. Oh well. I really liked that white lacy peasant blouse, but it may be unsalvageable. Anyhow, the party ended with an hour of singing and guitar playing before we loaded the bus to come back. Most went to bed – some did laundry (like me). I think we’re all starting to wear a little thin on each other, but I think we’ll be able to stick it out just fine. Here’s to 15 more days!!

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