Day 19-A





The crew today is short two students as Jarret went to the hospital for his ear and head and Ashley went to have her foot looked at for a fracture. Tolga stayed with them while the rest of us loaded up the bus and headed for Perge. A large and wealthy city protected by its Pisidian neighbors in Termessos, Perge was the site of Paul’s first sermon, many impressive baths and agoras, and extremely high-tech fortifications and insulation systems. The building which held the baths was divided into three sections separated by water temperature (cold, tepid, and hot) and maintained by an intricate system of underground steam vents and wall insulation. Now, men and women were separated by time, and only prostitutes were allowed in with the men during their time. One historian noted that in the agora and baths, the men would blatantly lie to each other and simply play along with each other’s games. So immediately I got this wild image of Dorian Gray –esque discussion everywhere except with robes. And I suddenly wanted to write a short story about a woman dressing up as a prostitute just to learn about the game of diplomacy. Anyhow, we also heard about Artemis P, an extremely wealthy female merchant who single-handedly paid for a large chunk of the city’s infrastructure. Boss. 

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