Day 19-B



Last quick think about Perge – Apollonius, a local scholar/scientist, discovered that the Earth was round and revolved around the sun 3 planets out, but Socrates so disrespected scientists and rejected his work that he fucked up astronomy for thousands of years. Jerk. From there, we went to the theater as Aspendos. The best-preserved in all Turkey, it’s still used for performances today. Umit told us a story that went with the top-left image. Whereas most theaters were built with a view of the mountains in the background, this one built a stone-wall background with a relief story, as you can see. As the legend goes, a kind wanted to marry off his beautiful daughter, so he held a building contest. The final two competitors built the theater and a set of aqueducts, respectively. The king sat in the theater and decided to choose the builder of the aqueducts, for they were of more use to the city. But he overheard the other builder whispering, “I love her, I must marry her” as he cleaned the stage. The king suddenly realized how good the acoustics were and could no longer decide which man was more worthy. Thus, he cut the girl in half and gave each man part of her. Yay for morbid ancient Anatolian hold takes. After that, we went to lunch (where Robin had a slight breakdown because her pickiness has kept her from eating as she’d like to and now it’s become a “thing”) and then went to the museum at Antalya. We stayed like a good 45 minutes too long, but it was really cool and full of statues and artifacts that Umit, his wife, and his professor dug up themselves. My feet and back were giving out really badly, but I still appreciated all the items and art and such. From there we walked back to the hotel, refreshed a little, then Morgan, Saverio, Ashley, and I went into town where we witnessed some demonstrations starting to get energized for something later at night and shopped around for a bit. We looked at some clothing, stopped at a candy place and bought some honey-and-sesame peanuts

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