Day 19-C/ Day 20-A



From a very nice, young, high-energy store owner with big, excited eyes and tattoos up his arms. As dinner was rapidly approaching, we made one more stop at the pharmacy for an ice pack for Ashley’s foot before starting on our way home. We were feeling really had that Jarret couldn’t join us because he loves shopping for shoes and clothing, so wherever we stopped, Ashley looked for something to get for him, and on our way home, we found a white V-neck tshirt with a print of hipster sunglasses hung on the point of the V. After much deliberation, I finally bought it with Ashley’s strong encouragement. We hailed a cab and ate a small dinner at the hotel, chilled for an hour, then headed back out to see the demonstrations. (oh, to conclude that last story, Morgan took him the shirt with an apology letter from me. You can read the response yourself). Morgan, Saverio and I took a cab back into town and just observed [the riots] for an hour or two and took some photos and videos. There was no anger or hate in the air at all – it looked more like an independence day celebration. There were flags and pictures of Ataturk everywhere, everyone was smiling and dressed in red, there was singing and dancing and chanting and art, cars were honking in unison with the chants, Turks of all ages were working together to make noise and grab attention. See, we thought the energy would have started to wane, but the Prime Minister returned from his “vacation” and released a statements that said that the protesters were a bunch of terrorists and that they couldn’t stop him from selling central park. It was super fun, very safe, extremely lively, and a great experience. I helped made Turkish history!


N.B: The aforementioned note reads:




Your gift is a fabulous selection, as are your friends for their recommendations. Please doff they embarrassment; you are ever lovely, however slightly offended I am to know that you think me to be a size large. Yours, J.M. 



[the cover photo of this blog with the man saluting in front of a row of Turkish flags was also from these riots]




Today we left Antalya with everyone in tow, Ashley’s much better, but Jarret shows little improvement. We started out at Burdur to visit a very mice museum that held the findings of Sagalassos. Since the museum gets very few tourists, a local reporter  followed us around – it was an honor that Americans stopped to visit. I talked to Umit about the way the statues were made in Roman times, and I had a total Caraway Unit C moment. All the pieces were mass-produced

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