Day 20-B



The measurements are the same on them all. In fact, from god to god, the only difference is a few facial alterations and special symbol additions. And if there were to be a new god added, the Romans would go find a Greek statue and copy that. Originality wasn’t what made art – it was the craft of following instructions and reproducing previous details to the exact detail. Collingwood and Tolstoy would have a field day with art versus craft on this one**. Anyways, we left there, at lunch, and then visited the city of Sagalassos, where all the museum’s contents were found previously. Nestled comfortably in the mountains, Sagallasos was a wealthy, bustling city made viable by water from the mountains, food from the valley, and timber from the surrounding forests. After two earthquakes and the plague, the people decided to stop rebuilding the city and just moved it down the mountain. While in its heyday, the city boasted beautiful temples, fountains, baths, and gathering places, as well asa beautiful elaborate public library donated by T. Flavius Severanius Neon. In the day, though, “public” meant free to all free citizens, visitors, and special slaves given abnormal privileges by their masters to learn to read and write and such. Short story? I think yes. Anyhow, the people who excavated this site made particularly good use of science and technology. They found the remains of animal sacrifices sating back to the 3rd century BC-ish, as well as some human burials, and using DNA testing, they found that the people and animals who live in the region now are direct descendants of the citizens of the city. Super cool, huh? Another test they ran involved using the pollen trapped in the various layers of the dirt and sediment to examine time period and climate and such. Yay science! I don’t want to dwell on the view of the site too much since you can see it right there, but just – just breathtaking. We left there and made our way to the hotel, which was located on a small island in a fresh-water lake. Near the town, there was a military school for commanders, and near there, a military surplus store. Jarret, Erin, and I got our room assignments, dumped all our stuff, and went on a hunt for this store so as to fulfill Jarret’s lifelong dreams. It was a further walk than we anticipated, but after stopping in town for money and some paper for this journal, for I’m running out rapidly, we found it. We looked around for a whole, and finally Jarret settled on a cap and a do-rag, which he gave to me to wear in my hair. We started on our way back to the hotel, and lo and behold, we ran into Miles, Saverio, Megan, Adam, and Morgan playing soccer with the local kids just for fun. It was adorable and priceless. The score was like 1-7, Turkey, but everyone had a great time. Then we went to dinner and chilled.


**In the honors college, I took a class on the philosophy of art, and two of the people we discussed with opposing views were Tolstoy and Collingwood.



Though this isn’t a great photo, it was the best one I had of our crew playing soccer with the local boys. 

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