Day 21-C



Equated the sweet sound to the breath God used to bring man to life. Morgan, Jarret, and I marveled at the calligraphy, for it was like art-ception. There was the poem of the writing, the shaping of the words into a picture form, then the decoration of that word shape. It was gorgeous. We concluded the visit by viewing a sacred box of the Prophet Muhammad’s beard hair and buying postcards and a book about literature. We then checked into the hotel a few blocks down the street from the mosque. Because Hope was mildly ill and Hannah Simon and Megan wanted to drink, Robin is staying with me and Erin tonight. After we dumped our bags, we went to the enormous shopping mall across the street from the hotel. Jarret would’ve loved all the shoes and clothing, but his illness kept him in bed. Robin, Erin, and I walked around for almost two hours. I found a 6-cup tea set for 7.9 Lira there, and them we ambled into an accessories store. We all picked out some pieces, and when we went to pay, we realized that the whole store was 50% off. So we left that store, roamed in and out of some other clothing and book stores for a bit, then went back and bought more. I’m now almost broke, but it’s OK because the rain kept us from the outdoor merchants anyway 😛

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