Day 22-B



It immediately became the problem of the sultan, and the bandits would move near the top of the hit list because the government had to pay for all the lost goods. There was one of these caravansaraies every 20 miles or so because that’s how far a camel could make it in a day, and if there wasn’t a caravansaray, there would be an accommodating city or town. Very cool experience. While we were touring the building, Jarret sat outside and played with two little boys who initially were trying to sell him postcards, but when he showed them that he had no money and let them play with his hair and glasses, they simply gave them to him. After tea, we finally made our way to Cappadocia to visit one of around 20 scientifically studied and recognized underground cities. The one we visited in particular had three huge spikes in usage: the Christians in the 2nd century, the natives against Arabic raiders in the 8th century, and the natives against the Turkiman tribes and Mongolians in the 12th century.



Jarret with the little Turkish boy outside the Caravansaray

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