Day 22-C



This structure had seven levels beneath the earth, each connected by a spiral narrow walkway so as to confuse any possible invaders who found it. The first level housed large animals, and the lower levels would have dorms, common areas, a kitchen, food storage, wineries, and panic rooms that residents, mostly extended families, would rent parts of corners of during their stay. Water was collected from below and kept in large cisterns on higher floors, and ventilation ducts were simple and directs towards the bottom but complex, narrow, and highly branched at the surface so that air supply couldn’t be cut off. Later, some of the air ducts were used as ways to get grapes down below for black-market wine production. Overall, another extremely cool experience, but because some of the passages were so tight, we were subliminally reminded how close we are to each other a little. After that, we checked into our beautiful mountainside hotel for the night, and tomorrow we take a balloon ride! Woohoo!

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