Day 26-A





We spent the entire day on the road. The whole day. We pulled out of our hotel (whose business cards I meant to tape in here but must have lost somewhere – oh well) around 8:30, stopped for gas, bathrooms, and snacks around mid-morning, paused for a lunch of pide (i.e. Turkish pizza) around 12:30, then pulled into Sinop around 3:30 or 4. I got a lot of reading done because I ardently refused to spend the ride sleeping. We arrived at our Black Sea-front hotel and moved in in due course, and Tolga and Umit gave us the rest of the afternoon and evening free to do as we wished. I bummed in Jarret’s room to read and chill and watch on in nail-biting suspense as he added paper to the back of my journal so I didn’t have to start a new one for seven days’ worth of ramblings. Tolga worked out with our bus driver to take us downtown after dinner for an hour and a half or so to give us time to explore and shop and drink – mostly that last part, and mostly Tolga. A bunch of us dressed up for dinner (me and Jarret included), which was more than lovely, even though my tardiness at the table resulted in my receiving soup late, finishing soup late, and nearly not being served a main course. We loaded up the bus, drove a few miles, got off, and followed Tolga, who was already a little intoxicated, to a bar, at which point we factioned off to explore the area. Jarret and I strolled the town for a bit past touristy tents, tattoo parlors, old men playing cards, teens laughing and smoking and gossiping and drinking, and moms holding their children’s hands for safety. I love seeing the things that don’t change no matter where you go. We wound up sitting on the end of a dimly-lit pier to watch a show of lightning in the distance and what’s to become of us once we get back to the states in a week. I’m not gonna put too much detail in here about all we brought up and discussed, but we sort of agreed to see what American us is like, and if we get swept off our feet all over again by each other, great, and if someone else, then so be it. I thought the Janie-Teacake [a la Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston] approach would be more than fair. Anyways, on the bus ride home, Miles joined the two of us in a discussion of Tolga’s impending fatherhood. They seemed to think he’d be really chill and lax, but something happens to men when they have daughters. I guess we’ll see. 

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