Day 27-B



Journalism,” so we took a moment to appreciate the monument and plaque, which was translated so poorly into Turk-lish. We finally pulled out of Sinop and hit the road for a couple of hours, during which I mostly chatted and caught up on this journal. By the way, I apologize for the recent lack of polaroids in here. We just do so much driving and museum visiting that there isn’t a lot to photograph. I still have like 23 exposures left for our remaining 6 days, but now I have a TON of paper to include various food wrappers, stickers, receipts, postcards, etc. thanks to Jarret’s handiwork on the back of my journal. By the way, if the last hotel calls and asks, no, we didn’t remove screws from their moulding with a Swiss army knife. Silly goose. We took a few stops along the way before stopping around 1 PM for a very delicious but fucking enormous lunch, to which Jarret had a small allergic reaction during our conversation with Ron and Dr. Goebel. On our way back to the bus in a light rain, a group of young high schoolers swarmed Adam, Miles, and me for photos in front of an Ataturk monument. We were honored and boarded the bus for a few more hours.


I let him set sail on a

Clear blue sea –

A sea which seemed to

Team with dreams –

I kissed him, and he

Sailed away from me,

Vowing true love and

A journey fear-free


I’d often watched him

Sail away –

I’ve sat alone before,

Forlorn on the shore –

And I would not move

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