Day 28-A





Well, I accidentally left my journal on the bus overnight, so I had to interact with people and read and stuff. I kept thinking, oh, I should be writing, but I couldn’t because I didn’t think things through all the way. What happened was that we started getting close to Safronbolu, a really cute world heritage site, and the sky let loose a huge rain storm that flooded a lot of the roads and took out the power in town. So when our bus pulled up to Safronbolu, people and shop owners were scrambling to get their wares safely stored inside and close up buildings. There were bulldozers showing up to remove puddles of water that were blocking roadways, as well as police officers keeping peace in the midst of chaos. Tolga and Umit gave us two options for the afternoon: we could go straight to the hotel to chill until the rain let up, or we could go to the Turkish bath for 30 Lira for a shower, massage, and exfoliation treatment. Tolga encouraged people to go there because the same thing in Istanbul will cost like 60-70. We were given about 45 seconds to decide, so in the scramble to get our belongings together, don our rain gear, it slipped my mind to put my journal in my bag. It’s probably OK, though, because the rain was pretty intense and if something were to happen to this book I may just explode. My decision about

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