Day 28-D



That after I fail as a writer, I’m going to resign away to house wifery to some guy whose palatable, but not necessarily the person for whom I was waiting, and wealthy with a stable job. And I’m gonna work as hard and well as I can to avoid that fate, but despite Billie’s protests and eternal hope, that’s still an option that’s both viable and frightening. We returned from the walk to a very nice dinner that seemed to be home-cooked. It was very welcome, especially after the painfully good, rich, flavorful lunch we had. It was simple and homey. After dinner, three cups of tea, an overdramatic Turkish thriller TV show, and a conversation with Miles, Joellen, and Ashley about “being assertive,” we sent Billie to go find Jarret, who hadn’t shown up to dinner. He returned with news that the absentee was up but had probably fallen asleep again, so we finished our conversation and tea and went to retrieve him once again. We found Adam and Sarah in the room as well, and we all engaged in a wonderfully humorous discussion or life and poop and names for our future children. Finally, Billie, Jarret, and I left the room and returned to the dining room for more tea and food and conversation and bad TV. We finished in due course, and while the boys went directly back to their room, which was in a separate building across the street, I ran up to my room for my sweater and kindle charger. I spent

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