Day 28-E



The rest of the evening with the same crowd as before, still chatting about trivialities and fun nonsense. Shortly Morgan walked in and began to tell us about his evening with Saverio and Miles. Now, the three of them have been known to wreak havoc by being generally noisy, conspicuous, rowdy, and just extremely American. Last night, however, they were taking a nice quiet stroll around the town after dinner and enjoying a deep yet calm conversation. Someone must’ve caught a glimpse of the three, realized that they weren’t natives, got spooked because they were in a more residential part of Safronbolu, and called the police. So the cop car rolled up, and the officer, who spoke apparently very good English, asked them some questions about who they were, why they were there, where they were from, and where they were staying. They did what they could to answer the man’s questions, but they had no ID on them and didn’t know the name of the hotel. Once at ease with the boys and certain that they weren’t up to no good, they officer gave them a ride to the town square in the cop car and sent them on their way. So Morgan stayed in the room for a while to talk body image and art and culture until he and Billie elected to hit the sack. I was pretty tired, too, but hung around for another 20 minutes to talk about God knows what. Around like 12:30 I left their building and hiked over to mine…which was locked. So with the permission and blessing of the boys, I stayed with the boys for the night. This morning we enjoyed a simple breakfast before walking 10 meters to the museum.

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