Day 28-H



That an hour previous, had gotten married, so we all got to be in one of the wedding photos with her gown and all. We continued walking, and Tolga took us aside to show us another example of cut-stone recycling to make buildings. And out of nowhere this tiny old woman with a trowel ran up to him and started shouting and fussing extremely loudly and energetically – I mean, she was furious and fuming and not slowing down any time soon. I guess she was a retired social studies teacher there, and through spit-fire broken English and Turkish, she told us not to listen to our “stupid tour guide” because he doesn’t know what history is and means. Tolga tried to calm her down and ask her just to let him do his job, but that riled her up even more and started attracting a crowd. Tolga finished his spiel and lead us on the rest of our stroll, and up ran the cutest little boy we’d ever seen. He was probably 5, and he was looking for an audience to hear him quote a broken poem in English. We all died on the inside, Tolga included. That’s the photo of the Hannahs

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