Day 28-I



On the previous page. After a little more walking and site-seeing, we arrived at the museum, which was under construction, so we couldn’t see all the exhibits usually on display. There was little we hadn’t seen already in terms of architecture or sculpture, but Tolga pointed out that there was a group of people who were obsessive note-takers, record keepers, and letter-writers, so we’ve found a ton of cuneiform tablets detailing exchanges, notes between Pudahepa and another queen, and more literature. I found my people! Anyways, we loaded back onto the bus to get to our hotel, where there was a wedding reception. On the back of their car were the letters “OM,” which we’ve seen in a lot of museums. According to Umit, it entails a marking or definitive event off which to base precious and subsequent events. In archaeology, it means the year 0, but in people’s lives, they use it to mark the beginning of a new stage. So it was really cute. Anyways, Jarret, Morgan, Miles, Saverio, Hope, and I decided to hit up the town. Hanna Maia found us, she and Hope peeled off, Morgan et al went to find a hookah bar, and Jarret and I went clothing/shoe shopping – and it was great. We stopped in a few stores, poked around, and found a pair of shoes for him we decided to come back for. See, Tolga offered to take us to a bar in town where some “soul band” was going to play a show until 4 AM, plus because of his connections everywhere, he worked out discounted drinks and no cover charge. The boy, though, lacked dancing does, hence the mad hunt despite the rain. We went back to the hotel for dinner, where we met Basalt (sp?), a former student of the HC, son of a Turkish diplomat, and some kind of foreign affairs worker. At dinner, I didn’t speak with him because he was at the other end of the table, but Robin was quite smitten and moved over to speak with him and all. After dinner, Jarret and I went to get his shows. All along the way there, we saw huge swarms of off-duty police officers on the buses waiting to get called into action. And in that setting they were so calm and chill, listening to ipods and chatting with civilians. I mean, not to say they weren’t intimidating as fuck all together in uniform with automatic assault rifles. Just – they were people. 

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