On the previous page. After a little more walking and site-seeing, we arrived at the museum, which was under construction, so we couldn’t see all the exhibits usually on display. There was little we hadn’t seen already in terms of architecture or sculpture, but Tolga pointed out that there was a group of people […]

  That an hour previous, had gotten married, so we all got to be in one of the wedding photos with her gown and all. We continued walking, and Tolga took us aside to show us another example of cut-stone recycling to make buildings. And out of nowhere this tiny old woman with a trowel […]

  Sneaking into the men’s world there. Anyhow, after that we loaded up the bus and headed for Ankara. I think we were actually supposed to stop in another town before we got to the city, but because of the rain blocking the roads and causing the museum to open late, we didn’t have time […]

  Though small, the museum was a nice display of clothing and home furnishings in the 18th century. The biggest thing that hit me, I think, was how obsessive they were about separating men and women from each other all the time. In one example, there was a contraption that spun around in a wall […]

  The rest of the evening with the same crowd as before, still chatting about trivialities and fun nonsense. Shortly Morgan walked in and began to tell us about his evening with Saverio and Miles. Now, the three of them have been known to wreak havoc by being generally noisy, conspicuous, rowdy, and just extremely […]

  That after I fail as a writer, I’m going to resign away to house wifery to some guy whose palatable, but not necessarily the person for whom I was waiting, and wealthy with a stable job. And I’m gonna work as hard and well as I can to avoid that fate, but despite Billie’s […]

  And giving mediocre essays Bs and As so she doesn’t have to see bad students in the same class the following year. The Romantic dream of bringing a class of 40 students to a lively discussion of Plath versus Millay is so far from reality that it’s hardly worth entertaining. And I guess I […]

  The bath trip was easy. I have but 10 Lira to my name, as I have yet to exchange my dollars for Lira. So for me, the bath was sort of an automatic “no,” but I don’t know if I actually would have gone anyways. I probably would’ve caved to peer pressure and gone […]

  06-15-13   Well, I accidentally left my journal on the bus overnight, so I had to interact with people and read and stuff. I kept thinking, oh, I should be writing, but I couldn’t because I didn’t think things through all the way. What happened was that we started getting close to Safronbolu, a […]

  Journalism,” so we took a moment to appreciate the monument and plaque, which was translated so poorly into Turk-lish. We finally pulled out of Sinop and hit the road for a couple of hours, during which I mostly chatted and caught up on this journal. By the way, I apologize for the recent lack […]